The Soul Train
The Soul Train was my response to a Firestarter/Dragon Rougue brief that simply asked to create a campaign or brand to eliminate a societal taboo. I chose the topic of death, which during my project and the global pandemic really hit home. I decided to create an exhibition of three train carriages that transported the viewer to three parts of the world where a unique death festival, ritual or practice takes place. The carriages not only provide a unique space for the worldly events to take place but also serves as the overriding message that death is a journey and if we plan for it, it will go smoothly. ​​​​​​​

The campaign was born from research into peoples attitudes towards death in the UK and how many people find the topic uncomfortable. This leads to many people neglecting to write wills or leave any kind of instructions about how they want to go, which can leave a massive burden on those left behind. The aim of the exhibition is to remove the scary bits about death and replace them with fun, light-hearted and intriguing ones whilst encouraging people to start planning for their death in the process.

The essence of the exhibition is to re-invent the image of death. No more black, skulls, and red roses but to instead focus on death as being a celebration, to honour the life one has lead. The imagery and aesthetic of the exhibition is that of a train and travel, this is because death is the ultimate journey and if we start to look at it in that way then it can be viewed as something we should plan for in advance which will help to solve the problem of neglecting to plan for ones death and funeral.
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