Sweet Talk
Sweet Talk is a mental health brand with the specific intention of helping males open up and deal with their mental health issues. The term 'sweet talk' means to charm and talk your way out of a situation without dealing with it, this is something men do a lot . . . but specifically regarding mental health issues. The brand provides reminders to men to check up on not only themselves but their friends to make sure there is a continuous dialogue about mental health.
As a male, it can be particularly difficult to deal with mental health these issues and to ask for help when needed. I decided to create a brand that would help males open up about their mental health and bring awareness to the struggles. In doing my research I discovered some of the reasons behind males struggling more with mental health issues was due to stereotypes such as femininity and weakness. For the brand identity I wanted to create something that had a personal touch from other males. I asked the males in my class to write the word ‘sweet’ on paper and used this to inform the handwritten style of the logo.
I took the classic image of the stick man that is seen on bathroom doors as my starting imagery. It is instantly recognisable and a comfortable symbol for all. I decided to play with different ‘heads’ to tell stories throughout my campaign. A ‘bomb head’ to represent mental health issues, a ‘question mark head’ for asking questions and an ‘exclamation point head’ for being pro-active. The figures are provocative yet easy to understand and a recognisable image to drive the campaign.
Hot pink is used as a symbol of the stereotypes mentioned earlier, using it as a contrast to the black and reclaiming it as a positive colour as stereotypes such as ‘pink isn’t a boys colour’ ‘boys don’t cry’ and ‘men always have the be strong’ are extremely damaging to males’s mental health and well-being.
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